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    Create more value for your money with the community around you, together we make everything happen.

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    About Chapaa

    Chapaa is a digital financial services platform that allows you to create more value for your money with the community around you. With Chapaa every financial GOAL is possible.

    Chapaa enables you to access multiple features to reach your financial goal with the community around you, get access to Easy, Simplified, and Accountable Fundraising with just a simple click.

    Our Vision

    To digitize everyday financial practises

    Our Mision

    Providing a simplified, user friendly platform that adds more value for money

    Our Story

    Since our everyday financial activities and decision making are based on the community we live by and the close people we interact with, their involvement tends to affect how we achieve our goals and how we make choices, decisions on financial issues.

    Ceremonial events and occasions, and other events/activities which require the community’s involvement in terms of monetary involvement have to be dealt with a much more convenient approach, hence Chapaa.

    Don’t just do it yourself, involve the people around you in a much easier way, Chapaa. Weddings, Parties, Funerals, it is possible with Chapaa. Create and account, start a campaign and achieve your goal together!


    Use Chapaa to seek and gather voluntary financial contributions from the community. Involve the people close to you to achieve your goal. Collect contributions easily through Chapaa, invite people to contribute for your event and together make it possible through Chapaa.

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